Memorial/Honorary Bench Program

The Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department’s Memorial/Honorary Bench Program provides an opportunity to honor or memorialize a loved one by placing a bench in or along a beautiful City of Bloomington park or trail.

The cost for one memorial/honorary bench is $2,500. This includes the bench and plaque, shipping, labor, and installation, as well as a concrete bench pad.

All benches are a specific type and style, purchased directly by the Department from a predetermined manufacturer of the Department’s choosing. Benches are constructed of slatted steel, a material that has proven to be attractive, durable, and resistant to vandalism.

The Department will make every effort to honor the donor’s choice of location for the bench; however, final approval regarding location shall be at the discretion of the Department. Benches are installed year ’round by Department staff, on a schedule based on availability of labor and material, weather conditions, condition of park grounds, and overall Department priorities.

Personalized plaque

A 2″ x 10″ personalized plaque is mounted to the back of the bench.  The donor provides the text for the plaque to the Department, and the bench manufacturer provides a final proof of the plaque for the donor’s review and approval.

Once the personalized plaque is approved by the donor, and the donor has made payment for the bench in full to the Department, the Department will place the bench order. Production time is normally six to eight weeks.

Please note that landscaping around the memorial/honorary bench is not provided. No landscaping or plantings may be installed without prior written approval of the Department. Unauthorized landscaping or planting of any kind may be removed by the Department without notice to or approval from the donor.

In the event the bench is vandalized, made unusable, or destroyed by any other unanticipated act or event, the Department will assume no responsibility for replacement of the bench, plaque, or any related appurtenances.

Contact Information

For more information about the Bloomington Memorial/Honorary Bench Program, contact the Operations Coordinator:

Bloomington Parks and Recreation
Memorial/Honorary Bench
PO Box 848
Bloomington, IN 47402

Phone: (812) 349-3498
FAX: (812) 349-3744